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Una Finestra sul Lago is a planet of enthusiasm, creativity, and young souls who have no intention of sitting down. Our cuisine does not bend to the philosophies of universally recognised cooking gurus. We are different on the strength of new flavours, which our Chef Davide Foriglio tastes every day in the dishes he offers to our customers. While religious respect is applied for classic cuisine, there is a lot of curiosity for innovation and infinite aptitude for simplicity. We hold true to the seasons, as only ingredients that ripen in today’s sun end up in the pan. The seasonality and freshness of every product are essential. However, the most important factor is passion. Our staff passionately prepare every dish whose taste you’ll fall in love with forever.

Davide Foriglio, Chef del ristorante Una Finestra Sul Lago
Una Finestra Sul Lago Dolce menù primavera

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