If you’re here, it’s very likely that you’re looking for a new opportunity, seeking new challenges, or perhaps fleeing from something that doesn’t align with your aspirations.

Well, then, we can only extend a warm welcome to you!

If our paths have crossed, it’s because we’re both on a quest for something meaningful. So, on this blank page, allow us to introduce ourselves, explain why we’re here, and share what we’re searching for.

As of now, we haven’t consolidated all our brands under one umbrella, so we’ll refer to our three entities collectively as the “Group,” all nestled around Lake Como:

  • SPUMA: An events company established three years ago, with a special focus on banqueting and catering. Our operations span across weddings (recently featured as the Beverage Partner for what international media dubbed as “The wedding of the Century” in Paris, with 60 of our collaborators), as well as sports, design, and fashion.
  • UNA FINESTRA SUL LAGO: The Group’s restaurant situated in Carate Urio. Described by an American patron with three keywords—“Authentic, Urban, Magic.” At Finestra sul Lago, we offer a comprehensive experience from the kitchen to the cellar, from the view to the music; with people being the cornerstone of delivering a unique customer experience.
  • ONDA: The latest addition on the shores of Cernobbio: Italian, vibrant, and effervescent. It can be best described as a modern Italian trattoria, where cuisine is both flavorful and uncomplicated. To infuse a twist into the Como scene, we frequently organize events like piano bars or the “Thursday of the Wave” featuring DJs from across Italy.

The Group, operating in hospitality, is experiencing robust growth and comprises over 50 collaborators, most of whom are under 30, with an incredible drive to excel.

We are positive, ambitious, organized, motivated, united, and highly professional. We are akin to a large family. We are anything but ordinary, banal, superficial, pessimistic, or obvious.

For the 2024 season, we are seeking various professionals who excel in their respective roles:

  • Chef de partie
  • Pastry chef
  • Kitchen commis
  • Front Office staff
  • Dishwasher
  • Confectioner
  • Waiter chef de rang
  • Waiter commis de rang
  • Sommelier
  • Junior sommelier
  • Pizza chef
  • Pizza chef assistant
  • Bartender
  • Counter attendant

We won’t enumerate the usual list of required skills, as we assume you possess them and will detail them in your CV. However, for the Pizza Chef position, we explicitly require that you:

  • Have a minimum of 5 years of experience
  • Be proficient in handling high-hydration doughs
  • Be self-sufficient in managing daily tasks
  • Be open to opportunities for advancement, flexible work hours, and a fixed-term employment contract, with the potential for permanent employment

We are keen on finding individuals who share the same values as our Group. Additionally, we seek someone who:

  • Excels in teamwork
  • Is eager to advance professionally
  • Possesses multitasking abilities and organizational skills
  • Adheres to schedules and is available for shift changes and holidays
  • Maintains personal hygiene and cleanliness, both personally and in their duties
  • Pays attention to detail and order
  • Knows how to cater to customers by infusing their personal touch and energy to ensure the best guest experience

If you think our Group could be the right workplace for you, send your application via the portal or to the email: amministrazione@gruppospuma.it

We look forward to meeting you 

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